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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lean Startup Principles by Eric Ries

Here in Upanatem, we work with many start-ups and small businesses. Many of high-tech start-ups we know face similar challenges around the questions of when to release a product. Some of them never get to the release stage, having lost their energy during the prototype development. Others dwell on their product until it is absolutely polished to perfection and release it way past all deadlines and over-budget only to find out that nobody wants it. Yet other release a rough prototype, get negative feedback and get discouraged and throw in the towel.

Eric Ries here talks about how to avoid these pitfalls. It can be helpful to any business looking for ways to reduce waste in all levels of operations, but it is especially golden for the start-ups working on their first releases.

Eric Ries is a modern-day start-up guru who has given talks to to as diverse audiences as Harvard Business School students and NASA. Eric also has a very informative blog Lessons Learned. He is great in that all his points are immediately applicable and not-intimidating and the overall message is very inspiring.


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